BildaVOID’s patented SupaVOID is unlike any other void former on the market. Manufactured from recycled corrugated fibreboard (cardboard), with an interior composed of corrugated fibreboard partition sections for strength. The outer sleeve totally encases the partitions and is constructed from selected corrugated fibreboard with a polymer lining incorporated within, giving superior point load bearing strength and water resistance.


  • Load bearing capacity between 7740kg (77.4kN) to 10250kg (102.05kN) per m2, depending upon thickness of the panel.
  • Panel size; 1100mm X 1100mm, which fit neatly on to pallets with no overhang.
  • SupaVOID panels can be supplied assembled or unassembled for ease of transport.
  • Panel can be easily cut with a hand saw on site to facilitate installation.
  • BildaVOID Concrete Voidforming Systems hold a patented controlled decomposition system.
  • Available Sizes:
    • Standard panel sizes are 1100mm X 1100mm in thicknesses of 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, and 150mm.
    • Can be manufactured to any size upon request.
    • Can be stacked to create greater depth

SupaVOID Compressive Load Test Data

SupaVOID compression load test data
SupaVOID panel
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