Our concrete void forming products include corrugated recycled FSC certified eco-friendly cardboard partition type panels (SupaVOID), Expanded Paper Honeycomb (EPH, FilaVOID), Polystyrene panels and Waffle pods.

Void forms create a space between concrete structures and expansive soils, thereby isolating the concrete from reactive soil, ground movement, mine subsidence, noise and vibration affected sites. BildaVOID products provide a temporary support platform for concrete placement until the structural slab sets and can support itself across drilled piers, pads, intermittent footings or other supporting concrete work.

The BildaVOID material, placed under structural concrete, gradually absorbs ground moisture and loses its strength and subsequently disperses after the concrete has set, creating a space into which soil can expand without causing damage to a building. BildaVOID Concrete Void Forming Systems can also be used to displace concrete volume where reduction in weight or cost is a consideration.

Product Application – the geology of Reactive Soils

Geological data of Australian soils shows that certain areas can be classified as being unsuitable to sustain loading from heavy structures. Structural fractures can occur though ground swell of certain clays or the subsequent settling of reclaimed areas when positive loadings are imposed.

A wide study of these soils has shown many areas in Australia, particularly in the eastern states and South Australia, are unsuitable and recommends that care be taken when designing structures to allow for movement both negative and lateral.

Building foundations cause an increase in moisture content through condensation. Without evaporation, capillary water is allowed to rise beneath the building and swell the sub-foundation clays. BildaVOID Concrete Void Forming Systems have a proven record as a means of providing a void as an economical safeguard against the swelling and contraction of these clays.

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